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Eye Test

Taking Care of You


Dr. Peay views each patient as a whole, rather than a single symptom to be treated. Your overall health is always priority so specialized treatment plans are utilized for patients with conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, and cataracts.

 In addition to chronic conditions, we also service same-day appointments and urgent visits for unexpected issues such as infections or foreign bodies in the eye. Your health deserves the proper care and attention provided at American Eye Center. 

Eyeglass/Contact Prescriptions: Dr. Peay is capable of performing the refraction test used to accurately determine a patient's prescription. However, Dr. Peay is a specialist and therefore this test is not billed through insurance. In addition to any patient responsibility for the office visit, there is a flat $65.00 refraction fee if you are seeking an updated eyeglass prescription and $75.00 fee for contact fittings/prescriptions. This fee is collected at the time of service.

Eye Exams: Routine and Diabetic Check Up: Services
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