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To make eye care easier for our patients, American Eye Center has on on-site retail boutique. Optical Sensations offers an array of eyeglass frames from well known brands such as Isaac Mizrahi, Lightec, and GX by Gwen Stefani. This selection includes frames that can be used for prescription lenses or sunglasses. 

In addition to eyeglasses, patients are also able to order contact lenses through Optical Sensations. We offer a variety of Alcon contacts  including Dailies Total, AuquaComfort, and AirOptix. We also offer several lines of Acuvue contacts including Oasys, Oasys with HydroLuxe, and Moist Multifocal. 

Please Note:  All eyeglass and contact purchases are out-of-pocket expenses. These are are not billed to insurance and therefore the patient is responsible for paying at the time of order.

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Innovations in the Medical World

Optical Sensations offers a variety of lens materials and coatings which allows each pair of eyeglasses to be tailored to the patient. Whether your lifestyle consists of spending time outside, driving consistently, or using computers for work, we can create a pair of glasses that will allow you to see more clearly while protecting your eyes.

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Crizal No-Glare lenses are among the best selling options that are smudge and scratch resistant. They also offer protection against UV and blue light rays. Click below to learn more about how this protection preserves the health of your eyes.

Journey Into Eye Health


From computers to cell phones and tablets, harmful Blue Light is all around us, and you need protection. That's why Essilor, our valued partner, has launched the Essential Blue Series—which offers Harmful Blue Light protection across a full suite of clear lenses, without any yellow tint. Click below to watch a short video and learn more.

Blue Light

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